Medical and Dental Career Training Opportunities!

Train for a career as a:

  • Medical Assistant

  • Dental Assistant

  • Certified Nurse’s Aide

Call: 210-485-0240
Visit: Westside Education & Training Center
563 SW 40th St
San Antonio, TX 78237

Classes begin October 18th

Attend one of our information sessions!
Every Wednesday at
9:00 am
Every Thursday at
1:30 pm and 6:30 pm
at the Westside Education and Training Center

§ No charge for classes or program services for qualified applicants
§ All programs include an ESL option
Capacitación gratuita
Debe tener algún conocimiento de inglés


Course alert:

Don't Pay Too Much For Education & Training!

A little shopping around is good for the pocket book.

Did you know that similar educational certifications from various organizations can vary widely in the cost? 

The situation is like going to two different gas stations and paying $2.50 per gallon at one and $25.00 per gallon at another.  You may get a different level of service at the second station but is it worth the price difference? 

PAC-CCE offers many fast, entry level certificates and strives to have affordable programs.  Our mission is to provide exemplary, accessible education and training to a diverse and aspiring community.  We are accredited and hours transfer to many university partners. 

There are many great educational options for San Antonio students.  Being informed allows the student to find the best option for them.  Some students pay up to 10 times more for training and education that they could be getting at PAC-CCE.  Be sure to check with PAC-CCE and Alamo Colleges to help meet your educational needs before you sign a high dollar educational contract.

For more information on PAC-CCE programs please see: Info at PAC-CCE

Read more about the differences in costs at: found at some colleges.

MYSA-For profit schools value draws questions.

New Jobs New Training! Corporate and Community Education

Corporate and Community Education is leading the way developing the workforce on the Southside of San Antonio!   Whether you are a student looking to ehance your skills or a training coordinator looking for customized training, look to Alamo Colleges and Palo Alto for your needs!

Welcome to Palo Alto Corporate and Community College

Palo Alto College (PAC) located in San Antonio Texas  has an innovative and thriving Corporate and Community Education (CCE) Programs.  Working with leading businesses in the San Antonio region, PAC-CCE develops courses to help students gain marketable skills, quickly.  We also offer customized training to our business clients to help their associates become their competitive advantage.
Learn more at PAC-CCE Website and LEARN FOR LIFE!

Visit our blog often as each of our Program Managers highlights their program. 

We offer programs In:

Accounting / Finance
Healthcare / Childcare
Industrial, Safety, Logistics & Quality
Information Technology
Adult Education
Real Estate
Substitute Teacher

Corporate and Community Education - PAC-CCE
Palo Alto College - One of the Alamo Colleges
1400 W. Villaret Blvd. - San Antonio TX 78224
Tel: 210.486.3400