Petroleum Programs

Petroleum Programs

Eagle Ford Shale has brought oil jobs to South Texas.
Building on our strength as the premiere industrial trainer in Southern Bexar County, Palo Alto College now offers training to meet the growing demand for skilled technicians. 

Employees with PAC Multiskilled certifications can help keep company downtime to a minimum.  Look at our Multiskilled Energy Technology offerings to see how our training can help you start a great career as a Mulitskilled Energy Technician.
Multiskilled Energy Technology  

Multiskilled Energy Technician

·         Petroleum Fundamentals
·         Math For Electricians
·         Technical Drawings
·         AC Circuits
·         DC Circuits
·         Hydraulics/ Pneumatics

Multiskilled Energy Troubleshooting Technician

·         AC/DC motor controls
·         Digital Applications
·         Electronic Trouble shooting

Multiskilled Energy PLC Technician

·         Intro to Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
·         PLC with integration to EMS
·         Advanced PLCs

Process Control and Instrumentation Technician programs starting soon!

·         Measurement and Process Control
·         Application of Industrial Controls
·         Final Control Elements
·         Distributed Control Systems/ SCADA