Adult Learning Academy

Jump Start Your 
Job Opportunities 
with ESL & GED Classes at 
Palo Alto College!

 Your Success! Your Future!

Investing in your educational and occupational growth is a smart choice. Palo Alto College’s GED and ESL review courses will help you develop the math, writing, reading and critical thinking skills you’ll need to succeed in passing the GED exam or learning English. 

The Adult Learning Academy provides:

  • All 4 GED subject area coverage
  • GED practice tests with tutoring labs available
  • Time management tips and study skills
  • Affordable prices with highly qualified instructors
  • Computer-based GED exam preparation
  • 8 week college preparation course
  • Flexible schedules with morning or evening courses
  • Full preparation in English or Spanish

When you finish your GED or ESL classes, it is only the beginning toward a rewarding journey to developing your career and personal goals. Courses run year-round in eight-week sessions.

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