Meeting Success at Palo Alto College

Christina Rodriguez began her community college educational journey in the fall of 2002 at Northwest Vista College but after three years she stopped attending.  After being away from college for four years she returned in 2009 to Palo Alto College and completed her Associates in Liberal Arts and Spanish in May 2010.  Not only did she return to complete her associates but is pursuing a Paralegal Certificate with Corporate and Community Education Division.

Cristina mentions how the Paralegal Program sparked her attention because of her interest for the legal field.  She has set new goals for herself, thanks to the program.  She recently transferred to Incarnate Word to work on her Bachelor of Arts in International Studies with a Pre-Law minor concentration.  Cristina hopes to go to St. Mary’s Law School after completing her degree. 

“I have had an overall very positive experience at Palo Alto with memorable learning experiences and with some of the best professors.  The courses offered are offered at flexible times and tuition is very affordable,” said Cristina, “My experience with the Corporate Education department has been excellent.  One of my paralegal instructors, attorney Ms. Veronica Segovia, has been a great role model, along with my certified Paralegal instructor Ms. Cynthia Portfolio, who encourages us and told us that “education should not end at this program but is a lifelong endeavor.”

She was recently hired full time as a Legal Assistant at the law firm of Tony Renteria. She comments that her Paralegal training was the key factor that helped her gain employment at the firm. She plans to complete her Paralegal training in the summer 2011.


What is success?  How do measure a successful life?  How do reach success?

The late humanitarian and tennis legend, Arthur Ashe, was quoted as saying
"Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome. "

Most would agree that  a journey is best taken with a goal, a map, proper equipment and people who have been there before.  

Palo Alto has experienced professionals that know the way to successful completion of a program and will better equip you on your journey. 

Come to Palo Alto College to begin your journey.