CMC 21st Century Steel Makers Honored by Palo Alto College at CTTC

A ceremony was held at the CTTC in New Braunfels on Friday, June 13th, 2011 to commemorate the completion of training by the CMC Steel Texas:  21st Century Steelmakers Group.  This group of seven distinguished students completed a very challenging customized training program developed by Palo Alto College.  The program included 10 courses in the fields of industrial automation, fabrication, and trouble-shooting.  Classes were held at both CTTC and at the Palo Alto College campus.  Congratulations to these students and heartfelt thanks to CMC Steel Texas.

Left to Right:  Chester Jenke, Administrator CTTC, Jason Disncore, CMC-Reliability Dept,

21st Century Steelmakers Group:  Brian Lipsey, Allen Lyman, Manuel Canales, Drew Duecker, Sam Gonzales, Bill Minchew,Rene Rangel ( not shown)

Palo Alto College: Henry Espinoza, Program Manager; Leo Diaz, Lead Instructor/ Coordinator