Palo Alto College to host Compressed Earth Block Construction

Compressed Earth

We are pleased to announce that Palo Alto College will be providing training in compressed earth block construction this year.

We have purchased the machine used to produce the block this week from the manufacturer located here in San Antonio.

Soon, we will offer the course to train students in the operation of the machine and in the techniques necessary to build actual structures using the compressed earth blocks produced by the machine.

For more information call

Stephen Colley, AIA, LEED AP
Program Manager - Green Initiatives
Palo Alto College
1400 West Villaret Blvd
San Antonio, TX 78224

Solar Hot Water Systems class begins Marth 5th

Thsi class is open to anyone but it is great for plumbers and roofers that want to extend their product offerings.  Solar Hot Water Systems give more bang for the buck than EV systems.  Come learn about this technology. 

Classes begin March 5th. 

Register at Palo Alto College

or call

Stephen Colley for more info at 210-486-3409.

Rainwater Harvesting - Design and Installation

Palo Alto College is proud to host a two-day course in
Rainwater Harvesting on March 9th-10th, 2012.  

"Where there is no surface water, or where groundwater is deep or inaccessible due to hard ground conditions, or where it is too salty, acidic or otherwise unpleasant or unfit to drink, another source
must be sought. In areas which have regular rainfall the most appropriate alternative is the collection of rainwater, called ‘rainwater harvesting’. Falling rain can provide some of the cleanest naturally occurring water that is available anywhere." -

Medic First Aid / CPR / AED

MEDIC First Aid

Palo Alto now has certified instructors in Medic First Aid CPR/AED.

Look for more offerings soon:

Industrial EMT
Compressed Earth Block Construction  and more...

Call 210-486-3400 for more information!

Palo Alto College
1400 West Villaret
San Antonio, Texas  78224