EMT - Field Exercise Training

Palo Alto College
Corporate and Community Education Division
EMT Course - Field Exercise Training

Saturday, Feb. 2, 2013, the students of the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) course geared up for their field exercise training at 9 a.m. Course coordinator, Jennifer Nottingham, arranged for several different scenarios to be set-up, requiring the students to use their knowledge gained from the class in a hands-on approach.

(EMT students pictured above, from left to right: Hannah Walik, Dylan Bukowski, Kevin Kozowyk, Sergio Guerra, Roy Hernandez, Garrett Mercer, Shelly Ryan, Rene Flores)

Actors and moulage artists were on scene to imitate real-life injuries these students would have to treat daily while working as a certified EMT. From broken arms to burns and blood loss, these students were put to the test on dealing with everyday stresses EMT's face.

(Students medically assisting actors during scene pictured right)

(moulage created by artists to imitate real-life injuries pictured left)

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